Board & Executive Team

We are an all-volunteer organization.

Everyone here volunteers their time for free to support families in need and their beloved pets.

Dog walkers, cat caretakers and transporters are not listed here to protect their privacy.


Daniela Caride – President of the Board – Officer & Director

A journalist with over 20 years of experience, Daniela has been volunteering for Phinney’s Friends since 2007 in several capacities. She runs Taildom, a pet blog with product reviews, Daniela’s favorite photos and stories about her 4 cats and 2 dogs. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from UFRJ, Brazil, and a master’s degree in Journalism from Harvard University, writing her final project on dogs and the U.S. military.

Daniela is also the Communications Committee Chair and Volunteer Committee Co-Chair for Phinney’s Friends. She recruits new volunteers and Board Members, and searches for the right opportunities for each volunteer.

Judy Bell – First Vice President & Clerk – Officer & Director

After 37 years at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Judy joined Phinnney’s Friends in October 2014. She is also involved with the Minuteman Senior Services’ Meals On Wheels program and previously assisted them in their Money Management and Protective Services programs. Besides being the Clerk on the Board of Directors, Judy is working on structuring Phinney’s Friends, and building a collection of job descriptions, manuals, guidelines and procedures for the nonprofit.

She recently adopted a Quaker parrot from the MSPCA. After seeing how traumatic and stressful it was on the bird in that unfamiliar environment, Judy is looking forward to helping owners keep their pets at home during times of hardships.

Shannon Kircher, D.V.M. – Second Vice President – Officer & Director

Dr. Shannon Kircher, who attended Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, has experience as both a general practitioner and an emergency and critical care veterinarian, for small animals and exotic pets (including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals). Shannon is a certified emergency/disaster responder for SMART (State of MA Animal Response Team), and operates a small mobile veterinary service for annual exams and at-home euthanasia. She lives with her 3 cats (Choo, Dinky and Beans) and her leopard gecko (Blu).

Shannon is a member of the Fundraising Committee, where she focuses on organizing events and programs to raise funds for the organization.

Jan Johnson, C.P.A. – Treasurer – Officer & Director

Jan has started volunteering with Phinney’s Friends in 2013. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who works as a Tax Director at Fleetmatics in Waltham. In her spare time she fosters animals, transports shelter dogs to their new loving homes, and rescues homeless cats to find them good families. She owns a cat and 3 dogs.

Jan manages Phinney’s finances, coordinates bookkeeping activities and oversees our budget.

Laura Howes, C.P.A. – Director

Laura became involved with Phinney’s Friends in January 2014. She is a Certified Public Accountant who works at Ernst & Young. Animals are Laura’s passion and besides her dedication to promoting the human-animal bond, she is a strong supporter of no-kill animal shelters and she advocates for spay and neuter organizations. Laura rescued a Persian cat and looks forward to rescuing another one in the near future.

Laura is Phinney’s Friends Finance Coordinator, leading our Finance Committee, therefore responsible for the company’s day-to-day financial reporting.  Laura also works directly with clients to help care for their animals.

Mara Voukydis, Esq. – Director

Mara joined Phinney’s Friends in 2012. She is an attorney who manages a program that assists at-risk youth. In her spare time she loves helping animals, and especially homeless cats. In the past Mara worked as a social services advocate for people with chronic illnesses and heard about Phinney’s Friends from grateful clients. She is enthusiastic to support an organization that serves both people and animals.

Mara is our Admin Committee Chair, responsible for keeping our database safe, managing insurance and risk risk management. She also created and coordinates our Pet Boost Program, based on our partnership with AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts (AAC). The program helps people with AIDS and HIV keep their pets by providing them with pet food and other pet supplies that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to purchase.


Administrative Team


  • Judy Bell

Administrative Committee Chair

  • Mara Voukydis

Administrative Manager

  • Lisa Ballard

Clients & Volunteers Team

Client Committee Co-Chairs

  • Daniela Caride
  • Shannon Kircher, D.V.M.

Senior Client Coordinators

  • Lauren Terry
  • Jean S.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Daniela Caride

Supplies Coordinator

  • Daniela Caride

Supplies Manager

  • Farrah Aridou

Supplies Purchaser

  • Anibal Caride

Supplies Database Specialist

  • Susana Zanette

Client Coordinators – Emergency Program

  • Sabina Keif, M.D.
  • Shannon Kircher, D.V.M.
  • Katie Nill Houston

Client Coordinators – EverCare Program

  • Lisa Ballard
  • Jean S.

Client Coordinators – Pet Boost Program

  • Trish Daunais
  • Joyce Shaughnessy
  • Mara Voukydis

Foster Manager

  • Gina Tallarico

Consulting Veterinarians

  • Shannon Kircher, D.V.M.
  • Emily Neenan, D.V.M.

Communications Team

Communications Committee Chair

  • Daniela Caride

Communications General Manager

  • Marissa McAleer

Photography Manager

  • Open

Web Manager

  • Marissa McAleer

Web Designers

  • Linda Knowles
  • Shannon Murphy

IT Managers

  • Jennifer Hotaling
  • Shannon Murphy
  • Rachelyn Provencher
  • Kait Scott
  • Andrey Turovsky
  • Marissa McAleer

Blog Editor

  • Rachelyn Provencher
  • Marissa McAleer

Newsletter Editor

  • Marissa McAleer

PR Manager

  • Open

Social Media Manager

  • Marissa McAleer

Finance Team


  • Jan Johnson, CPA

Finance Coordinator

  • Laura Howes, CPA

Finance Managers

  • Marlene Fernandez
  • Serena Hou
  • Joyce Shaughnessy

Development Liaison

  • Joyce DiToro

Fundraising Team

Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs

  • Judy Bell
  • Shannon Kircher, D.V.M.

Grant Managers

  • Ellen Borreliz
  • Lauren Terry