About Phinney’s Friends

We do everything in our power to make sure animals and their beloved owners can stay together.

Phinney’s volunteers educate pet owners, take their animals to the vet, foster pets when owners are hospitalized, walk dogs and care for cats on a regular basis. The donations we receive go towards providing food and pet supplies for our clients and foster parents, and assisting with veterinarian bills or boarding costs.


Here are the most common services we provide to achieve our goals:

  • Advice on pet care
  • Dog care (walks, nail clipping, brushing)
  • Cat care (litter box changing, nail clipping, brushing)
  • Financial help with vet care
  • Emergency pet food
  • Pet fostering and boarding
  • Pet transportation
  • Emergency pet food and supplies


Phinney’s Friends helps pet owners in many ways. Some need regular support, some need help only once. Throughout the years, we have expanded our coverage and services, creating different programs for each need.

EverCare Program
This is our core activity and how we started helping pet owners in crisis, back in 1996 – giving a hand to families in the Boston area with regular pet care. Our EverCare Program clients live with a chronic illness or disability, or have pets who need constant help, therefore their animals receive ongoing support. Our volunteers help clean litter boxes, walk dogs and trim nails, and may even foster pets while their owners are hospitalized. We also offer our clients financial help with annual vet checks, emergency vet bills and boarding.

Food Program
We distribute pet food and supplies to cats and dogs whose owners are going through a financial hardship. Too many times, we have seen people go hungry so they could provide food for their beloved animals, and this program is alleviating this terrible pain some pet-loving families go through. We collect pet food and other items from donation bins located at several PETCO stores, and take everything to our pantry, where volunteers sort and organize items. Then we distribute items to low-income families in the Boston area who contact us. The most amazing thing is that nothing goes to waste – anything our clients can’t use we drop off at food pantries or shelters.

Emergency Program
In 2012, we began helping low-income pet owners located inside the Route I-495 belt with pet emergencies. We foster animals, and help pay for boarding or veterinary treatment whenever a much-loved pet is at risk of being euthanized or surrendered. This way, we avoid pet shelter overpopulation and heartache. People call or email us on a daily basis asking for our help. We screen them, look for fostering or discounted services, and pay bills partially or entirely, according to our capacity. The most common requests we receive are about pets who fall ill or get hurt, and of people who lose their homes and need temporary shelter for their pets.