Be a godparent to a pet in need. You will know who you are helping and how you are making

a difference.




Phinney’s Friends helps low-income people  keep the bond with their pets by assisting with pet care and bills.




We care for pets when their owners are hospitalized, help pay vet bills, provide food and other supplies, give advice on pet behavior and care. To do all that, we need your help!





Make a difference for a person and a pet. Volunteer.


Lucy Snow


You have options before surrendering your pet. Even if we cannot help you, other organizations might be able to. Check our list of resources.





Phinney’s Friends exists thanks to the generosity of private donors, volunteers and businesses that support us.

Your donation is key.


Miss Queeny

Phinney’s Ride

Ride your bike for Phinney's Friends to support pet owners living with HIV and AIDS! It's a non-competitive, 150-mile bike ride done in two days, from MA to NH and back. Click to know more!

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Do you love people and pets? You came to the right place. Phinney’s Friends needs help in so many areas.

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If you are struggling to keep your pet, know that you have options before surrendering him. Even if we cannot help you at this moment, other organizations might be able to assist you.

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Sponsor a Pet

Become a godparent to a pet in need, and see your donations making a difference to a furry friend. Donate one time or monthly.

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